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William Hermany William Hermany Experience Designer & Founder, Humane Artifacts @whermany William Hermany has been designing for the web long time - circa 1995. Over the years, he’s seen the rise and fall of many memes, trends and paradigms. These ups and downs have only strengthened his belief that the web is a relationship platform, and should be designed with that intention. Because ultimately, it’s about helping people making meaningful connections via technology and information. Hence the need for proper information architectures. A futurist at heart, he loves weaving insights and various trends to envision a somewhat distant, yet still near and manageable/pragmatic, future. He is currently an Experience Design Lead at a speciality agency in NYC and continues to conduct research dedicated to understanding and creating systems for knowledge workers of all kinds, via his design lab - Humane Artifacts. http://linkedin.com/in/whermany

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