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Lightning Talks I Lightning Talks I Eating pleasure, vacuuming and smartphones
Do not Disturb - about eating and desires

Eating means pleasure. Eating interaction is the term that introduces the work. The focus is the connection between eating and social life, in particular with communication and intimacy. According to Berger and Luckmann, this vis-a-vis situation is a prototype of societal interaction; a meal for two -the setting that underlies this work- intensifies the element of communication. A meal gives a frame for communication but the act itself is also a form of non-verbal communication. Socialisation and conventions create taboos around these topics. Do not Disturb is a concept that breaches barriers subtly. A cutlery that during the eating process becomes a sensual tool for two.

Straw - a walk through the design process

The core subject of this talk involves a portable rechargeable vacuum cleaner named Straw. Its target group consists of corporate employees, whose aim is to fulfill their daily cleaning needs. Throughout the talk, we will walk you through the development of the whole project, starting from the design brief, the target group and market research, the concept development and, lastly, the final product and the 3D prototyping process. Our talk will also include an animation of the rendered product.

Application Design for smartphone devices used in educational contexts

This talk mostly focuses on the optimal design of an application for smartphone devices used in educational contexts. The designed application aims to act as the main source of interaction between students and the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering in a mobile context. The approach of the problem space was based on research in cross-platform design and UCD (User Centered Design) UI and UX principles. Various implementations and prototypes were researched and evaluated by users to help in the emergence of the final design.

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