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Jared Camins-Esakov Jared Camins-Esakov Linking Library Data Today: Exploring Connections with "Regular" Data @jcamins These days one hears a lot about the promise of Linked Data, and how it will make the collected knowledge of the world accessible to all, or at least more. Unfortunately, many Linked Data initiatives require massive changes in data formats, workflows, and systems that existing institutions may not be prepared to attempt. Biblionarrator is a discovery layer/catalog system that enables us to explore connections between traditional records (both bibliographic, and non-bibliographic), without requiring systemic changes from the institution. Even on a very modest scale, focusing on connections and adding network visualization and link browsing to a traditional catalog (or database interface) can offer new -- and sometimes surprising -- insights into a collection or dataset. This presentation includes a demonstration of the open source Biblionarrator software, and shows how a link-oriented approach to legacy records can improve the discovery experience.

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