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Christy Harner Christy Harner Creative Principal at Binary Ventures christyharner "It's kind of fun to do the impossible," Walt Disney, one of my idols, once said. From the day my dad introduced our house to the internet, I couldn't stop designing and developing websites. I've been a geek since 1998. My passion lies in helping people who have unique and passionate ideas for a business venture make their dreams a reality. From amazingly talented sugar art creators, to photographers, to now-published Harper Collins authors, I have worked for 15 years creating brands for people I am proud to call my friends and teammates. Starting Binary Ventures with Steve Nolan in 2012 was a dream come true. Now we have both the large development team to back up my design and film work, as well as the market research team to make sure everything we build is trendy, professional and valuable for the competitive technology world around us. We build custom apps, websites and brands for our clients, who--just like my original plan--are now my friends and team members. I'm passionate about equipping my clients with the tools to increase their professional edge in the online market through website and graphic design, video production, photography, and social media management. I collaborate with clients to create and refine a compelling aesthetic -- one that is not only visually compelling but also organically connected to their business’ target market and long-term goals.

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